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Would Your Car Benefit from a Transmission Rebuild?

You can fix certain transmission problems with simple repairs, but others require a full transmission rebuild in San Jose. A faulty transmission can put you in serious danger if it malfunctions while you’re driving, and it can affect other aspects of your car as well, so pay attention to problem signs and deal with them quickly. If you already know there’s a serious issue with your transmission, you might simply find a rebuild more favorable than a replacement. Keep the warning signs in mind and read on to see if your car would benefit from a transmission rebuild. transmission - gears

Your Transmission Is Failing

If you have any reason to believe your transmission might be failing, make it a point to see your mechanic and have him or her take a look. Sometimes transmissions fail prematurely because of the way the driver operates the vehicle, but in some cases you might need a new transmission because you’ve had your car for so long. If you haven’t taken great care of your transmission and started slipping on the maintenance, you might benefit from a rebuild. Too much heat can also take your transmission out of commission, which can happen if you don’t pay attention to the transmission fluid.

You Don’t Want a Replacement

A replacement is a perfectly viable option when it comes to dealing with your faulty transmission, but a transmission rebuild may be an even better idea. Rebuilt transmissions are cheaper, and sometimes by a wide margin. It’s also quicker to rebuild your transmission than to replace it. If you’re on a budget and a schedule, talk to your pro about rebuilding your transmission.

You’re Picking Up Warning Signs

Your vehicle might seem fine until you start noticing warning signs, and it’s up to you to interpret them. Think about how the vehicle feels when you drive, and look out for smells and sounds that you haven’t experienced before. Slipping gears make it hard to control your vehicle, which creates a dangerous situation, and it often indicates a transmission problem. If repair isn’t an option, you might consider rebuilding instead.

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