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FAQs and Answers About Shift Interlock Solenoids

Your car’s transmission contains a variety of electronic components that control shifting and other major functions. One of the reasons that automatic transmission repair can take longer than other types of automotive services is that your mechanic may need to diagnose and fix electronic problems that are located deep within your transmission system. A shop that specializes in car transmission repair near San Jose will be able to address any electronic problems that are going wrong in your transmission. To help you identify some common transmission issues, here is a look at some answers to common questions about shift interlock solenoids, which are among your transmission’s most important electronic parts. car - shift

How do shift interlock solenoids work?

Shift interlock solenoids are designed to carry electrical current between the various parts of your car’s transmission. If an interlock solenoid does not receive the correct signal from your car’s braking or shifting system, it will prevent the electronic components of your transmission from firing. As you shift your automatic transmission from park into drive, your shift interlock solenoids will ensure that your foot is firmly on the brake pedal.

What are some signs that my shift interlock solenoid is broken?

If your shift interlock solenoid is experiencing electrical issues, you may find that your vehicle refuses to shift from park into drive. A shift interlock solenoid problem can also cause your key to get stuck in the ignition switch. In many cases, a broken shift interlock solenoid may prevent you from driving until you have scheduled services with your transmission repair mechanic.

Is it important to maintain my shift interlock solenoid?

While your shift interlock solenoid typically will not require routine maintenance, you should address any repair issues as soon as they arise. Since your car may not be able to drive without a functioning shift interlock solenoid, it is critical to repair any solenoid issues right away. Using computerized diagnostics, your transmission repair mechanic can figure out precisely what has gone wrong with your solenoid system.

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