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Is My Transmission Overheating?

If you want to avoid needing to schedule an automatic transmission rebuild for your car, it is important to take care of your transmission, through every mile that you drive. A transmission that is continually overheating is exposed to extreme stress and strain over the miles. With services from a shop that offers transmission service near San Jose, you will be able to determine whether your transmission is overheating and wearing out too quickly. Here is a look at how to tell whether your transmission is overheating: car - transmission

Pay Attention to Your Acceleration

Transmission overheating can sometimes by caused by driver error. If you have a tendency to step down on the gas pedal and accelerate quickly, you may be causing your transmission to develop high amounts of heat and friction. To avoid overheating your transmission, accelerate steadily and gently whenever possible. Your transmission will function better when you mindfully ease off the accelerator and let your vehicle speed up at a reasonable rate.

Inspect the Condition of Your Cooling System

Along with cooling down your engine, your car’s cooling system is also responsible for reducing heat in the transmission. Without regular maintenance and inspection, your cooling system may start to wear out. Over time, your cooling system may no longer be able to properly cool down your transmission’s internal components. If you want to make sure that your transmission is protected from overheating, take the time to refill your coolant and inspect your cooling system at routine intervals.

Evaluate Your Typical Driving Conditions

External driving conditions can also affect the temperature of your transmission. If you live in a very hilly area, your transmission may need to work harder to power your vehicle up and down various changes in elevation. Similarly, hot outdoor temperatures can also expose your transmission to excessive heat. By evaluating your typical driving conditions, you will have a better idea of whether your transmission is in need of a supplemental cooling system, which will help it to regulate its temperature as you go about your daily drives.

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