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Allied Transmission Client Review - Top-Notch Place

Feb 24, 2014 | | Santa Clara, CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

"Top notch place!! I was reffered to Allied from the people who usually do my lite maintanance on my 2003 Lincoln LS; Last week my "Check Transmission" warning came on my computer display on the dash, I also noticed that the RPM's were reving up real high between 2nd and 3rd shifts then the infamouse "Check Engine Light" displayed I was going to wait till my day off to take the car in but on my way to work it really was strarting to run bad so I called and spoke with the office Manager, she was very helpful and knowledgeable I told here I had an appt later that week but really did not want to drive the car in that condition of fear that I could cause more damage to the transmission; She told me to go ahead and bring the car in and offered a free diagnostic, I was very nervouse because I thought it was going to cost alot of $$$; After the diagnostic I was told it could be one of two things a "Servo" or "Band" gone bad she quoted me an estimate of what the repairs could be I told her to go ahead with what ever they needed to do, she told me they would know more once they took the cover plate off and looked into to transmission further. I should also say that I did call this place on a Sunday when I was reffered and left a message, I got a call back from Bob the owner within an hour! The office manager set me up with a rental at a very resonalbe price, after them having my car in their shop for just two days I was called by Bob and he said the problem was the "Servo" and that everything else lookied good and that I could come pic the car up. I was so pleased that they did not try and up-sell me they fixed what needed to be done and it was quite resonalble!! They also guarantee their work for 6 months on the repairs that I had done. I would highly recommend this company to anyone my car runs great and actually feels like a new car again! Thank you to all the crew at Allied Transmissions!!!!"

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