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Transfer Case Maintenance & Repair in San Jose

Transfer cases are a vital component of four-wheel drive vehicles. A transfer case directs power to the front and the rear of the vehicle as needed to provide seamless performance on rough or uncertain terrain. At Allied Transmission, we know how to help you maintain your vehicles for maximum performance. Our transmission shop in San Jose is pleased to offer transfer case maintenance and repair, automatic transmission repair, clutch repair, and differential repair for personal or fleet vehicles.

Three Signs of Transfer Case Problems

Knowing the signs of a transfer case problem is important. The longer you drive with a damaged or worn transmission case, the more damage you could be doing to this integral part of your 4x4’s drive system.

  1. Grinding noises while driving at certain speeds or in certain gears can indicate that one or more parts inside your transfer case are wearing out and need repair or replacement.

  2. Difficulty shifting gears, rough gear shifts, and gear slippage while driving can all be related to a damaged or worn transfer case.

  3. Fluid leaking from your transfer case indicates the need for professional attention to stop the leak. If the leak is allowed to persist, fluid levels inside the transfer case will continue to drop, causing damage to its working components.

Transfer Case Maintenance Tips

  • Transfer cases require lubricant fluid to keep every component working properly. You will need to have this fluid flushed and replaced periodically; we can tell you how often this should be performed, based on your vehicle’s make and model.

  • Your transfer case’s fluid levels should be checked during every regular oil change to ensure there is no loss of fluid via evaporation or a leak. If the fluid is low, more should be added to provide adequate lubrication.

  • Over time, your transfer case’s parts will wear out with use. Your transfer case should be checked by a transmission professional every few years for signs of wear—the sooner you replace worn parts, the less your vehicle’s performance and gas mileage will suffer.

Like any part of your vehicle, your transfer case needs proper maintenance to continue performing at its best. Our transmission shop in San Jose can help you stay on top of transfer case maintenance for the best results and greatest longevity from this important auto part. You can reach Allied Transmission to schedule transmission work or transfer case maintenance by calling (408) 492-8980.

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