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At Allied Transmissions we provide effective and reliable pump repair solutions and if it is not economic to repair it, we will advise on suitable replacements at affordable prices. We supply all the major brands and also work with dealers for OEM water pumps.

Your engine generates an immense amount of heat and if it is not cooled properly, you are bound to have performance issues or even worse a total breakdown of the engine. All gas- or diesel-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs have a water pump to help with the cooling. The water pump has to circulate the water and coolant throughout your engine and when it starts failing you will be exposed to cooling and performance issues.

Indeed, you ask a lot of your car’s water pump every time you get in your car to drive without realizing it. For one, you expect a flawless drive, smooth when it needs to be, and to have performance on demand to overtake, get you to freeways speeds and all this happens for the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of miles you own the car. You expect trouble-free miles and because your water pump is out of sight, you may not be aware of how hard it is working for you. To put it into perspective, your car’s water pump is expected to circulate the equivalent of 100 residential-sized swimming pools of water over its lifetime. So given this workload, it is no surprise that it may fail on you when you least expect it.

While your water pumps performance can fall off a cliff and fail suddenly, it is often a gradual process that gives you warning signs of an impending breakdown. At this level, it can still be salvaged through repair but when it fails and its components are damaged it has to be replaced. Here are some signs to tell you your car’s water pump needs repair or replacement.

Signs of a water pump in need of repair or replacement

Leaking Coolant

Your car water pump has several gaskets that make it leakproof, but these gaskets get worn or damaged over time. If this happens you will get the famous ‘marking its spot’ where you notice a greenish or reddish colored fluid dripping under the center of your car and marking a spot in your driveway or garage.

Whining Sounds

Your car’s water pump is a belt-driven part and when the belts start slipping or becoming loose, it will make a terrible chirping or whining sound. If this happens, you have no alternative but to have it checked because either the belt needs replacing or the pump needs its bearings replaced.

Overheating Engine

The main cooling for your engine comes from the water flowing through it and the radiators. So, when your water pump is not able to circulate water, your engine will automatically overheat and start having performance issues. This is not an issue you can wait on because you risk knocking the engine or blowing its head gasket off damaging more than just a pump in the process.

When aftermarket parts reach the warranty period

If you have previously replaced your water pump and its warranty period has expired, it’s better to have it checked over and services, if need be, to ensure it is operating optimally.

Experienced car water pump mechanics in California

Our team of professionals comprises mechanics with experience in water pump repair, restoration, and replacement. They are skilled at diagnosing any issues even those that are not obvious and provide comprehensive pump maintenance, repair, and replacement solutions for all models of cars. We will make your car run efficiently and at affordable rates and reduce the risk of your car breaking down or having worse problems because of cooling.

Our expert team services, repairs and replaces car water pumps in Santa Clara CA, San Jose, CA, Sunnyvale CA, and Mountain View, CA.