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Since 1970, Allied Transmission has provided quality automatic transmission repair in Santa Clara. Our transmission shop provides automatic repair to a complete range of domestic and foreign vehicles, including front wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles. Our team of mechanics and technicians are highly skilled and qualified to take care of each transmission repair.

Automatic Repair in Santa Clara

The majority of the vehicles sold in the United States for the past 60 years incorporate an automatic transmission. Automatic transmissions are easy to use and handle the transitions between gears smoothly and efficiently, creating a convenient and comfortable ride every time you sit behind the wheel. At Allied Transmission, our transmission shop in San Jose offers complete care for your automatic transmission, including car automatic transmission repair, truck transmission repair and automatic transmission rebuild services to ensure your transmission is perfectly matched to your vehicle’s needs.

Common Automatic Transmission Problems

The performance and longevity of your car transmission depend on several factors, including its original build quality, ongoing maintenance record, and the performance you demand from it while driving. Knowing the signs of the most common transmission problems means taking action to schedule automatic transmission repair or transmission rebuild in San Jose as soon as you notice an issue.

  • When the transmission slips, your car will change gears for no reason. This often affects the car’s power, making it feel under powered or sluggish when accelerating. You may also notice a whining noise or a change in pitch from the engine.
  • Transmission leaks allow fluid to escape, affecting the short- and long-term performance of your transmission. A transmission leak will often leave red or brown fluid beneath the engine when the car is parked for long periods of time.
  • Slow engagement of the transmission means that even after you shift between gears, your vehicle takes time to respond. The most common sign of slow engagement is a noticeable lag when shifting from “park” to “drive,” causing your car to fail to move at first, even if you can hear the engine revving.

Taking Care of Your Automatic Transmission

The best way to avoid extensive and frequent visits to your car transmission repair shop is to take good care of your automatic transmission. If you have questions about car and truck transmission repair near San Jose, you can reach Allied Transmission by calling 408-492-8980

  • Bring your car in for maintenance regularly and have your transmission fluid changed at least once a year. Typically, transmission fluid changes should occur every 15,000 miles.
  • Learn how to check your transmission fluid levels and perform this task every few months. If the fluid level is low or there appears to be a leak, schedule transmission work as soon as possible.
  • Always make sure your vehicle is stopped completely before switching between gears, such as switching from “drive” to “park” or “reverse.”
  • As soon as you notice a chance in the sound or performance of your transmission, schedule an inspection at your transmission shop. The sooner you address transmission problems, the less overall damage they will cause.

Automatic transmission rebuilds normally include:

  • Replacing gasket and rubber seal components
  • Totally removing and disassembling transmission
  • Replacing friction clutches
  • Inspecting planetary gears, drums, and other components
  • Diagnostic checks of electrical mechanisms
  • Repair, re-installation, and performance testing

At Allied Transmission, we are completely dedicated to your satisfaction. We also offer preventative maintenance for your vehicle and we have financing options available. If you choose us as your San Jose transmission shop, we also offer free towing with major repairs and a shuttle to and from your home. For a free estimate for a transmission service, call us at 408-492-8980