If it takes too long for you to realize there’s  Something wrong with your transmission in San Jose, you might already be dealing with permanent damage. You can prepare yourself for transmission problems by knowing what tends to go wrong. This way you’ll know what kinds of symptoms to expect, and you can act right away. Look out for problems when shifting gears, fluid leaking from your vehicle, or flashing warning lights that may indicate a transmission problem. Read on and get to know some of the signs of transmission failure.

Gear Problems

It’s your transmission’s job to keep your car in gear when you shift, whether you do so manually or use an automatic transmission. If you can’t seem to get your vehicle to stay in the proper gear, you could be looking at a transmission issue. Even if you only slip out of gear occasionally, there is probably still a problem with your transmission. A failing transmission makes shifting rougher, and sometimes you can hear a clunking sound when you shift to a different gear. Pay attention when you’re driving, and take notice if it seems like it’s difficult for your vehicle to accelerate on command.

Fluid Leaks

A fluid leak is never a good sign, especially when it occurs in your transmission. You need to change your transmission fluid regularly because it gets dirty over time, not because it runs out. If your transmission fluid is running low, then there is a leak that you and your mechanic need to address. This fluid cools the transmission down and keeps it lubricated. Without it, the work and friction could cause your transmission to overheat. This will burn up even more fluid and make the problem worse, so locate the leak immediately.

Warning Light

The warning lights in your vehicle might not be specific enough to point out exactly what’s going wrong. If your check engine light comes on and you notice any of these other problems at the same time, you should see the transmission repair pros for assistance.