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On the road, the brake pedal is as important as the accelerator because the same way a car starts it must come to a stop. Brakes provide the needed braking force to stop the motion but during the course of their action they wear down. Different cars use different brakes so when it comes to replacing them, you must find the correct brakes to replace with to retain optimum braking performance. Besides replacement, brakes must be maintained properly. It is our job and Allied Transmission to make sure your brakes do their job. Come to us for all brakes issues from rusted rotors to spongy feeling brakes to brake replacement.

If you have noticed a reduction in your stopping power, squeaking brakes, and need the specialists to have them repaired and serviced, then you are at the right place. Allied Transmissions is the ones stop shop for brake repairs, replacement, and upgrades. When the little brake light shows on your dashboard, we are the people to make it go away. Visit us if you are around Santa Clara, CA, San Jose, CA Sunnyvale, CA, and mountain view, CA for proper diagnosis.


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Anti-Lock Braking System

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is a system in your car’s braking system that the wheels maintain rotation even under braking. This prevents the car from skidding and allows you to control the car better when coming to a stop. This is helpful on slippery roads, winding roads, and braking at speed and is a safety net you always want to have. When your ABS light comes on, visit us for diagnosis and fixing.

Brake Fluid flushing

Cars use braking fluid to make brakes work, but brake fluid absorbs water over time and starts to break down. This makes it less effective and may even make it corrosive to your braking system. It is advisable to do a brake fluid flush once in a while to put fresh fluid or simply to top it up to make sure you don’t lose braking power.

Brake lines

Brake fluid is conveyed to the brakes by special tubes called brake lines. The brake lines must be able to convey the full pressure of the brake pedal on the brakes so any damage on them like crushing or puncturing must be repaired immediately. Failure of the brake lines is a failure of the entire braking system hence its repair and replacement have to be done by professionals like Allied Transmissions

Brake shoes and brake pad replacement

Brake pads are the surfaces that come into contact with the rotors. Bad brake pads usually lead to squealing brakes and reduced stopping power. But when they are completely worn out you will hear the unmistakable sound of metal on metal telling you to replace them. IF not, they will ruin your rotors and become costlier to replace. Allied transmission worked with dealers and manufacturers to have OEM and high-quality aftermarket brake pads for replacement and upgrades for all car models. So, if you are thinking of tracking your car, visit us to set you off in the right direction of performance.

Brake calliper replacement

Brake callipers hold the brake pads in place and fit around the rotor to make sure you have braking power on demand. A broken or cracked calliper reduces stopping power or may cause uneven braking which will make a car uncontrollable when braking. So, contact Allied Transmissions if you notice any of these happening to your car.

Rotor Resurfacing

Your brakes work well when your rotors are smooth and straight. It is what actually brings the car to a stop and if you notice braking feeling wobbly, squeaky, or reduce power visit us for thorough inspection, repair, and replacement if necessary.

To find out more about our brake repair services in Santa Clara, CA, San Jose, CA Sunnyvale, CA, and mountain view, CA call us or visit any of our outlets in the area.